Video mapping installation of 22 different videos into 22 photo frames of different sizes.

Images are composed by colours and feelings, shapes and consciousness. Through a crisp selection of videos, I tell a fragmented story; a testimony of my inner search and the tale of two countries.

Video, Video Projection, Video Installation, Mixed Media Video Installation, Projection Mapping, Video Mapping, VJ Performance, Loop

Screenshot 2014-12-05 23.01.20.png
Screenshot 2014-12-17 14.18.47.png
Screenshot 2014-12-05 23.01.00.png
Screenshot 2014-11-17 16.39.07.png
Screenshot 2014-11-17 16.35.43.png
Screenshot 2014-11-17 16.35.05.png
Screenshot 2014-11-05 23.01.32.png