a human aquarium

It is a recreation of an aquarium where the only animal that live inside the fish tank is a human being. In this case, myself, representing different kinds of marine animals. The film could be seen as activism for animal rights. I think aesthetically, fish tanks and aquariums look very pretty. But the trapped fish and marine mammals look so sad in there, not to mention the cruelty of the way they’re treated. Why do we go to aquariums to see animals forced to swim around us and do tricks just to entertain us, if we can portray humans instead?

No animals were harmed during the creation of this film.

 Shown in the Zeiss Planetarium in Jena, Germany and in the Museum of Modern Art (MAM Rio) in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Screenshot 2014-12-24 00.00.16.png
Screenshot 2014-12-24 00.01.27.png
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Screenshot 2014-12-24 00.01.09.png
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